Accessibility Declaration

This site was established and is managed by P.I. Media LTD. We are committed to providing equal opportunities to people with special needs. Therefore, we designed and planned our site so as to meet the accessibility guidelines of the World Wide Web Consortium – Level AA.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at If you find areas that do not properly operate or that do not meet the accessibility requirements, please contact us so that we can correct this.

Conformity with Standards

  1. All pages on this website use the correct HTML5 code. Using correct code ensures proper operation of technologies designed to assist persons with disabilities (such as screen readers for the blind).
  2. The website was designed with contrasting colors to allow optimal use by the hard of hearing and the colorblind.
  3. The content of the website is semantic content. It includes headlines, data tables, lists, paragraphs, standard links, form commands and descriptions of pictures if they are meaningful.
  4. The website includes in-frame content areas, presented from other websites. These areas are defined using a title. Their accessibility, however, depends on the hosted website. For example – Facebook in the sidebar on content pages.
  5. The forms on the website are accessible to screen readers and keyboard users.

Website Display

  • The text size on the website may be changed by using the keyboard (CTRL +) or by using the menu.
  • Enlarging the text by 200% will present the website as presented on mobile devices – for optimal display of contents.
  • The minimum resolution recommended for viewing the website is a width of 980 pixels. It should be noted that the website is viewable even at lower resolutions.
  • The website is adapted for viewing on mobile devices (responsive).
  • The website uses sans serif fonts, meaning that they do not include edges that may get in the way of the flow of reading.
  • The website may be visited without CSS, with an adequate result.
  • If you wish to make any other changes in text size or colors on the website, you can do that using your browser. You are welcome to follow the instructions for changing fonts and colors on the website. Such changes will affect all websites that you view using your browser. It is possible that some websites will not react to the changes since they are not accessible.

How to operate the website using a keyboard

Repeatedly pressing Tab will switch between the different links on the page. Pressing Enter will open the link. Note that pressing Tab will switch to the next link while pressing Shift + Tab will return to the previous link.

In addition, the website allows using shortcut keys that allow you to quickly reach important areas or pages on the website.

Using the shortcut keys depends on the browser that you are using:

  • In Internet Explorer and Chrome, and in older versions of Firefox: Press Alt and the number or letter key according to the list. For example, if you wish to go to the homepage, press Alt+1.
  • In Firefox 3 or newer versions: Press Alt+Shift and the number or letter according to the list. For example, press Alt+Shift+1 to go to the homepage.

How to navigate the website using a screen reader

This information is intended for blind or visually impaired visitors, who use screen reader software. Landmarks are given on the website, marking main content areas, and ARIA is also used for assistance in complex applications, such as information carousels on the main pages, modal popup menu, for presenting images, content accordions, and tabs.


P.I. Media LTD is committed to providing equal opportunities to people with special needs. Although we are not required under the Accessibility Regulations Updated as of 2017: Videos on the site are available in frames from websites such as Youtube and Facebook that enable subtitles to be added.


P.I. Media LTD is committed to providing equal opportunities for people with special needs and although not required under the Accessibility Regulations Updated Version 2017: For sound files in which the text or transcript is available, files and/or text pages or transcripts will be added.