You thought disinformation was formulated in strange corners of the internet. But go down the rabbit hole and you’ll see: some of the crazy ideas your uncle talks about at Thanksgiving – maybe, even, the theories you believe yourself – were, in fact, deliberately invented and spread by powerful governments dedicating huge resources for the goal of leading millions of people astray.

Episode 1: A Viral Lie

In this first episode of the series, we explore Russia’s long history of political disinformation, from Trotsky’s propaganda to the KGB’s outrageous 1980s campaign claiming the CIA created AIDS. How did these lies took hold globally, and why Russia’s playbook for fake news still threatens democracy today?


Episode 2: Russia’s Most Evil Act – Part 1

Decades ago, Vladimir Putin was an almost unknown figure. But then, at a crucial inflection point in history, the Kremlin devised an evil disinformation campaign. Arguably one of the most evil acts ever conceived. Nobody has ever proven exactly who was behind it, but one thing is for sure: it undoubtedly helped launch Putin to the power he still enjoys today.


Episode 3: Russia’s Most Evil Act – Part 2

Russia was gripped with fear. Anybody could have been the next victims of the shadowy terrorist conspiracy against the nation and its people. Who was doing this, and why? And why did those in power refuse to stop them?


Episode 4: Where Russian Disinformation Comes From

Social media bot armies, nation-state cyberattacks, election manipulation, fake news plants, military deceptions. It might all seem very novel, but every Russian disinformation strategy has an historical precedent we can trace decades, even centuries back. Can understanding the past help us fight it today?